We hear it being said, put prayer back in the school,

For it has become against many peopleís rule.

Prayer has never left friend... it comes from on high,

For there is a guardian angel forever standing by.

Each time a troubled student sits there in their seat,

Our Heavenly Father is always there within their reach.

Prayer is a desire of the heart,

In silence it can be made and heard.

Prayer can be offered up and never whisper a word.

Jesus was tempted so He could succor those in need.

He hears their every call when their heart begins to plead.

We hear it being said, put Godís ten commandments

Back on the school roomís wall.

Friend theyíre still there for one and all.

Each time Satan transforms himself as an angel of light,

Jesus is there to guide and give them loving sight.

He gently brings the commandments

Before the students heartís door.

Jesus paints them very softly, for their heart to implore.

When peer pressure comes to call,

Remember Godís commandment are on Heavenís wall.

God is the studentís greatest friend,

With His great hand of tender mercy

Placed beneath the school,

His commandments will forever be there

And reign as their golden rule.

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved






Midi: Hear My Prayer

By: Bruce Deboer



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