Who is the greatest among us

God says... Only as a little child

Heaven opens up 

When they share a big smile.

No ways of deceit

In their little heart

Oh, the kindness upon their face

As they play their part.

Oh, the ways of a child

So innocent and pure

Each wearing a loving halo

Spreading joy far and near.

So forgiving are they

With hurt feelings their tears do flow

But in a moment of time

A happy face begins to glow.

For the little ones

Each day brings a brand new dawn

Filled with love and laughter

From them many friends are drawn.

Each day a new beginning

To learn as we are taught by they

To be fed by a little child

As we watch an angel at play.

Their spirit is unlimited

Finding joy in the little things

Taking time to meet and greet

Oh, the joy their little soul brings.

Yeah, to be fed by a little child

Oh, the fruits they do bear

Thank you God for the precious little children

That feed Your lambs while unaware.

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved

Top Image is of my lovely

 Granddaughter, Deneisha when she was small.


Graphic Design By ~ Danna


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