As I sit by the wondrous sea

And take my pen and write ~

What a glorious view in site !


By the beautiful sea there was shelter for me.

Jesus seemed to be everywhere I sought to see.

I saw Him in the blazing sun,

As it cast it's purple hues upon the sea,

As the glittered rays seemed to radiate to me.


Blinded by the sun's awesome glare,

I shut my eyes yet could see

Many colors or the rainbow,

Flashing before me.

Each bar of brilliant color came so clear

Then softly faded when another would appear.


I saw Him in the footprints imprinted in the sand.

I saw Him as the wind gently lifted them from land,

Carried them out to sea,

Only for the tide to bring the sand back again to me.


I heard Him in the cooing of the sea gull,

As he takes his early morning flight,

Swinging low to seek his prey,

Then soaring to great  height.


I saw Him in the smile

My youngest Granddaughter wore,

As she happily displayed the sea shells

She had found upon the shore.


He was in the lightness as

She sang her favorite little song

"Oh, Got no strings to hold me down"

To make me flip or make me frown

Oh, How I love my liberty

There are no strings on me.


He was in the writing

 As my oldest Granddaughter wrote in the sand,

In the awesome pictures drawn by her sweet hand. 

Hearts filled with joy on the ocean shore

Eager minds of the ocean did they delightfully implore.


I saw Him in the swaying palms,

As they danced beside the sea.

I saw Him in the tallness of the trees

With lavender locks of moss hanging,

As they gently caught the breeze.


I saw Him in the beautiful flowers,

Nestled amongst the trees,

Now with warmth of season,

They spread their blooms with ease.


I thought of all creatures great and small,

Nestled in the deep blue sea.

When they view the great deep wonder,

Jesus, how can anyone not think of Thee.


I thought of Moses as he cast out his rod

And the sea parted and on dry land they did trod.

I thought of Jonah cast into the sea of deep

In the belly of the whale he did weep

At the bottom of the mountain in seaweed there

Jonah sought God and called out in prayer.


Now  is time for our departure,

Our thoughts will soon return to home

I will think of all the memories,

In my heart will linger on.

I found Jesus as my shelter,

 As I viewed the beautiful sea,

And I'm sure as I return home,

Jesus will go with me.

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved






Top Image Photography

By: My lovely Granddaughter


"Moments Of The Heart Photography"

Midi: Quiet

By: Burce Deboer



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