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God watered my garden this morning
He knew I was tired from the day before
Of all the weeding done down on my knees
My body had become aching and sore.
This is how God takes care of little things
When we began to ask and implore
He then sends a little blessing
Straight from heaven to water galore.
None can water like our Father in heaven
Although we try many times
It seems as when we water our garden
In the dryness it disperses and declines.
But a little shower from heaven
Oh, how it makes our garden flourish
As the little plants began to bloom 
And Jesus begins to nourish.
It's as though life has again been renewed
 The tender leaves began to spring forth
And the flowers began to bud and bloom
Sweet rain, water droplets of worth
Showered down treasures to earth.
Much like a heart arrayed as an empty vase
Needing rekindling of Sovereign Grace
Once caressing the bouquet of loving bloom
Now dried and withered lacking fragrant perfume
In essence of spring, flowing waters return
And gently drives away the gloom
How sweet when Jesus lets the water flow
And waters the garden of our soul.
Blessings, Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved





Midi: How Great Thou Art

By: Bob Barnes





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