I thought one day, Oh what fun

To design my very own Christmas cards

Sending them one by one

I thought of my natural brothers

How they loved UK basketball games so

Together, we would watch them on TV shows

They would love a UK card I know.

In my mind I started to design

A Christmas card I thought would be fine

UK and the cat, wearing a Santa hat

The basketball goal and all to match

Now they will enjoy this

This joyful card from their Sis

But in Jesus' eyes something was amiss.

I drifted off to sleep

Happy with my designed card in mind

One that they would surely keep

This card, one of a kind

Little did I know

The message I was to receive

In a dream here below.

In the dream I saw ballgame array

Around the front of an area dimly displayed

With Jesus walking in the background

Having on His garment of red

Radiant was the lighting but not a word said

Then an humble voice begin to softly echo

"I wouldn't steal from you"

The words softly flowed

I became awake and  startling amazed

 By the message as a whole

The words penetrated my heart and soul.


Was this an angel with the humble voice I heard

The angel must have felt I had left out the Lord

Saddened to think I had put something first

Without realizing, I had robbed the Lord

Tis Jesus' Birthday, King of all Lords

May we honor and praise Him

And forever let Him be divinely adored.


May we keep Jesus in Christmas

Rejoicing the Miracle of His birth

Our precious Savior that came to earth

And crown Him King always

First in our lives, first everyday, first in every way

Forever, may Jesus be first on His Birthday.



For Jesus kept us first

When He hung on the cruel tree

He died and hung there for you and me

Never would He rob from us

Only gave His life that we may be saved

And abundantly bless...



Happy Birthday Jesus

You'll be on the front of my Christmas card

With love, You will be first in my design

Precious Savior of mine.


Blessings, Danna


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