In a dream, I saw Jesus

Standing near the door

My eyes had never beheld such elegance

As the robe my Savior wore.

In my heart, I felt his greatness

Not the greatness of a man

But the greatness of the universe

Holding God's Eternal Plan.

As I viewed my precious Savior

Without speaking, so much was revealed

My King of Kings and

Lord or Lords was gloriously so real.

No crown of thorns was on his head

I saw no nail scars in His hands and feet

Only our Royal Majesty

Who is always within our reach.

Oh sinner, if you could have viewed the Savior

Standing near the door

How much more you would implore...

How much more would be in store...

Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved




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"In His Constant Care" © Greg Olsen

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Midi: How Great Thou Art

By: Bob Barnes


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