I Would Do It Again


Jesus, it's almost Easter

Do you ever remember the terrible day when

You felt the agony of the crucifixion

And was surrounded by the crowd so full of sin?

Now that You are spiritual in Heaven

Can you ever recall the pain

As when they whipped You up the hill

Since You have risen again?

Or has the Father fixed a way

That, that memory doesn't hurt anymore

And You only feel the love

That God has in store?

Do You think of the crown of glory

Instead of the crown of thorns

Do You ever think of the cruel nails

And how Mary must have mourned?

Can You hear the ringing of the hammer

And feel the heaviness of the cross

Taste the bitterness of vinegar

Or do You just feel love for all the lost?

Do You ever feel as when they pierced You in the side

And hear their mocks and scorns in vain

Or is Your loving heart saddened

As You contemplate on the lost in their lake of flames.

Loving King once humbled, now highly exalted

I pray You never again can recall the pain

I know there's no tears in Heaven

And for the sinner's cause, Your death was not in vain.


As I lay in lowly wonderment

Again, Jesus can You recall the pain

Then I felt His great love

When He sweetly whispered, "I'd Do It Again."

Forgive me Father for my weakness

I see You had a perfect plan

There's no regrets from my Friend, Jesus

For He was willing to die for the love of man.

It was that the crucifixion seemed so cruel

When I pondered the Master's plan

I wasn't seeing through Jesus' eyes

Only through the eyes of God's creation of mortal man.

Then, the moment I was enlightened

My grief and sorrow melted within

Jesus knows how painful the lake of flames will be

For God's creation filled with sin.

This Easter, dear God let me rejoice

And look beyond the veil of Jesus' pain

Oh how sweet were His words

When He softly whispered to me, "I'd do it again."


Danna Robinette



All Rights Reserved



Midi: Here To Comfort You
Bruce Deboer
Thanks for his permission of use





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