Dandelions for Nanny
What a precious array
When from a granddaughter's heart
Presented as a beautiful bouquet.
More precious than a rose
When given by her sweet hand
What a gift of love
As she gathers each new strand.
Yellow as her favorite color
So delighted in the noonday sun
To see so many dandelions
As she picks them one by one.
Her smile surely to melt one's heart
As she eagerly hands over the bouquet
What more can I say ~
That to receive a dandelion bouquet
 Is sure to make Nanny a happy day.
Then she anxiously awaits
To see if a vase of water is supplied
 For the beautiful arranged flowers
 To be taken with care and set inside.
Then to her surprise
At the sunrise of a beautiful new day
It's as if God sprinkles the grass
With many more elegant bouquets.
Sometimes it's the little things
That means most to a Nanny's heart
Little things so freely given
Filled with so much love and joy
Straight from a Granddaughter's heart.
Blessings, Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved





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