Soldiers, My heart goes out to you

You're in my thoughts and prayers

And I weep for you

For all thy laden cares.


The battle is too great

The war too long

Too many hearts broken

Only God can change that is wrong.


Hearts filled with hatred

Striving to gain

Wars and rumours of wars

Causing hearts pain.


Mothers losing sons

Children losing dads and moms

Their world turned upside down

Because of deadly bombs.


One day it will all be over

May you then be free

A heart filled with peace

Gone all the agony.


But now that the war is raging

Seek the Rose while He may be found

A rose that has no thorns

That dwells deep within the desert ground.


He's the lily of the valley

A rose in the desert sand

That you may cast all your care

While in the toilsome land.


Have you ever felt His presence

In the midst of the storm

A strength like none other

When the enemy sounds the alarm.


When the desert storm begins to blow

Like a mighty rushing wind

His love and peace

Gently to the heart He can send.


There remains a shelter

A healing of the nations

A returning to God

Assurance of solid foundations.


Cling to the Rose of Sharon

Soldier, you're not alone

Hold to God's strong hand

He can bring you safely home.

Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved




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Midi: The Rose

Music by Margi Harrell

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