The saddest story

Yet the most divine

The resurrected King

That I can call mine.


They whipped and beat

Yet love remained still

Our blessed Savior

His spirit we can feel.


He's coming back

His story is real

Like Hs has said

Our soul has a seal.


As He kneeled so humble

None worthy to wipe a tear from His eye

Yet He has promised

To wipe away all tears from such as I.


It didn't take Golgotha Hill

To make Him a King

Just the plan of salvation

That our hearts may sing.


Soon it will be Easter

Our blessed Savior in view

What a King we have

His story is true.


I just want to say

Jesus, THANK YOU !!

Written By:

Danna Robinette

4 ~ 18 ~ 11



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