Our Love For Each Other


Love is like a trellis vine,
Two hearts it doth entwine.
Gentle as an evening breeze,
Always for each other, trying to please.
In days past these two were young,
In youthful days having fun.
Now it's today we assemble with them here,
To witness their wedding vows, oh, so dear.
A fine young man from the hill country afar,
Went searching for his charming, shining star.
Happily he found her in church one day,
Being a little shy, he continued on his way.
Thoughts of her was always on his mind,
So beautiful, pleasant, lovely and kind.
He skipped about, almost waited too late,
One day his nerve ripened, he asked her for a date.
This beautiful princess with long, black hair,
Sparkling eyes, face blemish free, skin so fair.
Says, "Come charming Prince, come to me,
I'll hold you tight, forever mine you'll be."
This enchanting prince gave her flowers, kisses, too,
He thought, "If I don't get her,
What will I do?"
Then one day on her finger he placed a ring,
It's then her heart began to loudly sing.
I've found my love, my shining star,
The man in my life, the man I admire.
Come with me to the altar we'll go,
It's then I'll tell the world I love you so.
For each other we're the warm sunshine after rain,
Happy as songbirds, come early spring.
Like colorful flowers, that bud and bloom,
Quickly our love for each other went zoom.
Our love for each other will always stay,
As we begin to walk this magic way.
Strange, it is not, we love each other more,
For we're the ones, that for each other, we adore.
May our love for each other be devoted for life,
Let's always be a loving, faithful husband and wife.
We can't count the stars, or sands of the sea,
Neither the blessings God's given to you and me.
Written with love,
By ~ Elder Hillard Newsome
All Rights Reserved










"A Wedding Song"

Written And Sung By

Elder Buddy Carty



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