The Valiant Soldier

Recently, I met a lady while shopping
She was carrying a heavy heart that day
Tears swelled up in her eyes
For her young son had passed away.

My heart then filled with compassion
As I saw the sorrow on her face
The uttered words from a broken heart
He was killed in war now taking place.

Leaving behind a young family
Filled with anguish and a broken home
All because a young valiant soldier
For our freedom, on war zone soil did roam

May we never take for granted
The freedom that we share
For some brave soldier gave his life
To show us of his care.

Pray daily for each soldier's safe return
And remember the broken hearted
Whose days are as the weeping willow
For us their child's life has parted.

For many families now, freedom isn't free
They are bound by war's prison walls
Praying for strength to daily conquer
Until their Saviour comes to call.

©Danna Robinette







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