In the Lamb's Book of Life

Engraved is their name

Of God's chosen vessels

Sent to earth, His name to proclaim.

How precious is the chosen vessel

As he stands on the firing line

And begins to exalt the King

And feeds the lambs of Zion.

Oh, the sweetness of the sound

Distinct from all others

When love flows from the throne of God

And blesses the Sisters and Brothers.

How precious is the spirit

When it touches a sinner's heart

When we can see their tears flowing

And their vow is a brand new start.

When their evil deeds turn to good

And we see them lingering around the fold

Tis' God's love that draws them close

With gentle mercy, in His arms He does hold.

Nothing more humble than a new born lamb

That has just entered the sheepfold

For the heavy burden has been lifted

And he has won a crown of gold.

Now the heavenly angels rejoice

That which was lost has been made whole

A sinner's heart that was darkened

Is now lit with a heavenly glow.

Oh, chosen vessels

With fervent hearts, do exalt the King

Farther along is the wedding supper

And with the Lamb and His bride we shall reign.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved









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