As I look to the Heavens,
Open arms I did see.
A sweet voice calling,
"Come, Come with me.

I reach my arms out in delight,
To take this journey for evermore.
As I passed through the clouds,
Everything looked pure as gold.
I knew I was in a place where I never would grow old.

As the doors opened up for me to see,
Many faces appeared and looked familiar to me,
A young man sitting on the right,
Smiling and waving with pure delight.
Ahead of me, I look to see "Jesus" standing with a man
And waving, this is the man your father use to be.

No pain, no sorrow, a happy face I did see.
He ask me about the family, each by their special name,
Said he would never forget us and missed us all the same.
I reach my arms out to touch him, crying with joy into the nite,
And then the brave soul disappeared out of site.

The Angel of the Lord came before me and said,
"This is a warning for you tonight, the Lord wants you on His heavenly shore."
Your dad in there waiting with open arms you did see,
He ask that I would give you this message, hoping I would bring you to thee.

Donít take time to look around, it may be limited as you see,
The lord has given you a warning .. pick up your bible and follow me...
As I got out of bed and clothed myself to go,
I realized I had been awaken from my sleep a dream it had to be,
So plain and real. I wanted to take my family with me.


What a joy! to see my dad.
I now know that he is in heaven.
What a joyous site to see,
Not only was I looking for him, he was looking for me.

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"Gift of Love" © Danny Hahlbohm
Graphic Set by Designer Lady


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