Can you imagine the beauties of Heaven
That heavenly atmosphere
No one will ever feel alone
No one will ever shed a tear.

 There will be no sick or dying
No fear of our loved ones going away
No crying for help in the old folks home
No sorrow or pain bringing them dismay.

 There'll be no homeless seeking shelter
No hunger pangs for the young
No disappointments for the weary
No more deaf or the silent tongue.

 There'll be no more crimes or fighting
No prison walls to protect us from harm
No innocent being held prisoners
No sirens sounding the alarm.

 There'll be no wars in heaven
No terror of our soldiers not making it home
No battlefields seeking freedom
No more wounded veterans left to roam.

 There'll be no storms or tornadoes
No hurricanes there will be found
Nothing to destroy our homes
No flooding of waters will surround.

 There'll be no locks in heaven
No thief to worry of breaking in
No keys to lock our mansion door
No sin will ever be found within.

 Oh, The beauties of Heaven
Can you imagine how beautiful it will be
Never has it entered into the heart of man
Only to know we will be happy and free...
Danna Marie Robinette
All Rights Reserved



"Gift of Love" © Danny Hahlbohm
Graphic Set by Designer Lady

Midi playing:
"How Great Thou Are" © Bob Barnes

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