The Grand Ole Associations

Have come and gone,

But precious memories

In my heart still linger on.


Now the officers

Can finally still away to rest;

For in a way, they have

Been put to the test.

Many nights of tear stained pillows,

Many nights of hoping

For peace in the meadows;

Caring for all seven,

This circle bound to have

Came from Heaven.


In the campgrounds,

I hear the fire burned high

As the spirit of our Lord came by.

Preaching and prayer,

Surely made a memory there.

Hearts rejoicing and singing made loud,

I know our Lord was so proud.

So many of our

Brothers and Sisters

Showed so much love

And made us feel welcome,

While a few seemed distant

And failed to show that they care,

Or maybe they didn't notice

That someone was there.


On the last day of the Seventh

My spirit soared so high,

As my Savior' blessings came by.

What a day to remember...

What a memory left in my heart...

What a privilege just to be there,

Only sadness that we have to part.


The Grand Ole Associations

Has surely filled my heart;

The Grand Ole Associations

Are only the start.

Just a taste of Heaven

Has come and gone,

Giving us His precious

Love and strength,

To carry on...


By Sis. Danna Robinette

Oct. 1, 2002

All Rights Reserved


Song : The Model Church

Sung by: Eld. Jimmy Dale Sanders



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