Happy Birthday Daughter,

My mind goes back to the day you were born,

On that cold and snowy morn.

I was so excited about the child to be,

Godís greatest pleasure being brought to me.

A baby girl, God placed within my arms,

For me to keep safe from harm.

I was so overjoyed and filled with great love,

God had sent this little gift from above.

Earthly possession had almost passed me by,

But God saw a miracle to be placed by my side.

Someone to keep my heart aglow,

God, please help me to be the Mother ~ Role.

When I brought you home, such a little form,

God blessed the day you were born.

You were the key, that opened my heart.

A heart so happy right from the start.

Days and months went by for me,

Then I learned what worry could be.

 Responsibility for someone so precious to me,

Iíd hold you close and watch you sleep,

A little girl, I wanted forever to keep.

God blessed and granted my plea,

He let you be healthy and stay with me.

God blessed me, along with Dad

To raise a wonderful child,

You became someone so meek and mild.

Iím so proud of what you are today,

A Christian ~ A Mother ~ My dearest friend...

I just want to wish you "Happy Birthday"

Again, and Again

Love, Mom

Danna Robinette

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Midi: Happy Birthday

By Bob Barnes

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