He grew the tree for Golgotha Hill
Gave them strength to build the cross
Held enough love to conquer all
Father's will was for good not for loss.
He grew the tree of thorns
That entwined the piercing crown
Platted and embedded for my Savior's head
As the soldiers mocked and frowned.
He grew the reed for His beating
So humbly for us He did bear
As they nailed Him to the rugged cross
For us, His heart was filled with care.
Holding on to the love of His Father
As the blood flowed from His side
By the mark of the cross came salvation
Forgive them, in agonizing pain He cried.
At the foot of Jesus' cross
Mary lay lamenting in great despair
To be near her only darling Son
As she embraced the cross in prayer.
Thank You for our salvation
May we with humility bear our cross
That one day we'll wear a crown
Our burdens will be for gain not for loss.
Our loving Savior formed the tomb
And the stone soon to be rolled away
For the great Resurrection Day
What a glorious, precious Day!
How the angels of heaven
Must have rejoiced that day
When the stone was rolled away
There our Savior no longer lay.

Risen and reigns in Heaven's Glory
Wearing His robe of shining white
Sitting on His throne of intercessions
The way, the truth and the light.
The heavy tree for the cross
The tree for the piercing crown of thorn
The reed for His cruel beating
Our Tree of Life to evermore warn.
When we think of Easter
An humbling time of year
 Praise Him as the Tree of Life
Our precious Savior so dear...
Danna Marie Robinette
All Rights Reserved

May You and Yours Be Blessed

This Glorious Easter Day

~ Danna

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