Come, abide with me gentle Savior

I need your spirit to make me strong

I need you in the morning

I need you all day long.


In You, I find my comfort

In You, I find my song

In You, I find love and joy

In You, all day long.


Precious Master, how I love You

A dearest friend to me

Your promises are so special

For in You, I can be free.


A present help in time of trouble

A refuge for my soul

Lord, sometimes I feel so peaceful

While on life's pathway I stroll.


His words are soft and gentle

As if carried by a sweet summer breeze

Often they are heard by an humble heart

While on bended knees.

Storm clouds may surround us

But in Him there is a calm

No need to fear the eye of the storm

For Jesus holds the healing balm.


Jesus holds the key to happiness

If we place our cares in His hand

We can rejoice in His spirit

Until the grand day of Canaan's Land.


Tho' they glimmer in wealth and power

They know not the day nor hour

That Jesus may return in His glory

And they be caught up in Satan's snare.


May I abide in the light of Your city

May I feel Your loving hand of care

May I rejoice in Your promises

For I know You will always be there.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved









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