Jesus' divine table has been set
Please come and dine 
Hallowed food has been amply spread
With God's bread and wine.
Are you thirsty
Is there hunger in your soul
Tell it to Jesus, let Him know
For He constantly fills the golden bowl.
There, the milk flows so sweetly
There's honey from the rock
Oh how Jesus loves to feed
His loving, humble flock.
With Jesus seated there at the table
Come unto Him, feast and dine
Oh how His love does flow
When He fills this heart of mine.
The table is gracefully covered
Each place mat one of a kind
Its golden threads are woven
Engraved there, your name you'll find.
The plates are of purest white
Embossed with a golden rim
The glowing linen napkin gently folded
For Jesus' return to earth again.
Oh to be seated next to our King
Where all is invited and welcome there
Here you'll find purest sweet savor
When served by Jesus' hand of care.
No one has to leave hungry
For there is an endless supply
But you must be seated at His table
For only in Jesus salvation does abide.
If your day is weary
And your heart's bowed low
You'll find comfort dining at Jesus' table
And eating from God's unbroken, golden bowl
Here you'll find solace for your soul...
None Other Than
Mother Jerusalem's Table
Can Feed One's Soul
Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved


Art Work By:

Danny Hahlbohm

Thanks for the use of painting


Graphic Set By:

Lady Designer

Midi playing:
"Voices in the Wind" © Bruce DeBoer
an Original Composition

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