Turkeys gobbling ... hear the sound

Children running all around.


Mom and Nanna loading their shopping carts

Lawl' how I dread those long lines at Wal-Marts.


Nanna picking out the turkey beast

Oh, how I am thankful for a wonderful feast.


Turkey, dressing, rolls and pecan pie

Oh, how the scales at my weight watchers meetings will 

scream "My, Oh, My."


My cousin, Aleshia with a Thanksgiving surprise at her waist

Oh, how she craves that turkey taste.


But we all laugh and say

She's expecting number 2 what can we say.


The Grand kids in line...fighting about who'll be first

Oh, being the youngest is what I dread the worst.


Mother adding Martha Stewart's decor flair

With dashes of cinnamon in the air.


Sitting down at the big table

Oh, how I hope my stomach is able.


Eating stuffing, time for the second round

When everyone is eating, you can hardly hear a sound.


Now we're done

And it's time for fun.


Grandpa joking around, full and loosening his belt

I guess now he knows how I felt.


Nanna on her laptop checking her Farmtown

She laughs and claps with joy, she just made it to the next round.


Sister complaining about her wisdom teeth freshly pulled

A Gerber baby spoon is the solution she ruled.


Dad checking some basketball stats

While he's not looking, I sneak some turkey to the cats.


Now we all lay down for a nap, it's time to rest

Oh, how I think Thanksgiving is the best.


Written By: Deneisha Osborne

My lovely Granddaughter


All Rights Reserved



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Midi: Turkey in the Straw

By: Laura's Midi Heaven

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