I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should
not abide in darkness.

                                              John 12:46 KJV


I have a trouble tree

That I go to each day and night

There I find a solace

And my troubles then take flight.


You see, my trouble tree is Jesus

Through prayer His light is shed

With this wonderful tree of life

We have nothing to fear or dread.


This tree of life is ever yielding

It's peace goes unsurpassed

In the shadow of its love

Lies eternal joy when life has passed.


When hearts are sadly broken

Or persecution takes its toll

Oh, the trouble tree is so precious

As its fragrance makes us whole.


My trouble tree contains it all

Holding everything I need

Oh, the blessings it bestows

When we humbly take heed.

When friends fail to show their love

And family ties are broken down

My trouble tree I go embrace

There God's blessings do abound..


Never an earthquake to shake this tower

Steadfast, unmovable this tree so rare

Never a storm wind to make it bow

Nothing to the tree of life one can compare.


This tree of life will never lose its glory

Its beauty will never fade or radiant leaves be shed

For it is Christ our Savior

The one for us who died and bled.



Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved





Blessed Assurance

Bob Barnes Christian Midis

Used with permission



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