We have a doable report card

That's recorded every day

It's as if we daily go to school

As we travel on our way.


This report card is kept on high

Each lesson recorded there

Our deeds are surely numbered

As He fills His book with care.


This report card is bound with perfection

No mistakes made as He records

There will be no cheating or erasing

When He marks up the reward.


When the report card is all full

And our diploma time is nigh

Will we have passed or failed

In our record kept on high.


When our life is over

Graduation time is sure to be

Will it be heaven or below

The choice is for you and me.


When someone does you wrong

And your spirit is brought low

Remember each has their own report card

And for this God will truly bestow.


How precious is the hundred fold

Those that score top of the line

These are those that does God's will

Then He smiles and says you're doing fine.


God pours out His blessings and repays

To all those, whose blessings are due

When semester time rolls around

To His anointed few.

If we have passed all the test

And all the measures have been met

If our name has been enrolled

In God's great book of no regret.

Our reward will be Heaven's land

Instead of a cap and gown

When graduation time inclines

We will wear a glorious robe and crown.

In heaven's land we'll need no college

No more daily work or test to score

It will be all of perfection

As we rejoice on Heaven's shore

For ever and ever more.


Danna Robinette

7 ~ 8 ~ 09

All Rights Reserved









Matthew 12:36

    But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.


Midi: Blessed Assurance

By: Bob Barnes

Thanks for permission of use


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