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No silks or satins to lay His head

No musical mobile secured by His bed

No matching lamp to light His room

No fleecy blanket with fragrance of perfume.

No teddy bear rug to lay on the floor

No maiden's hand to open the nursery's door

To clean and shine the elegant decor

No beautiful paint to cover the walls

No fancy border to view fairest of all.

No satin "bring me home outfit" to wear

Never gently held in a fancy made rocking chair

No lovely quilt made by Grandma's hands

No store bought toys in the land.

No precious video taken for His memorable birth

On the day God's Son was born here on earth

No cherished baby album where photos were took

Although there is the BIBLE as His baby book

No keepsake box for a lock of His hair

Now His robe of righteousness

He gives that we may keep and forever wear.

How bright the star must have shined

That led the wise men as they followed the sign

What precious gifts from their heart they did bring

To honor the new born King

How beautiful the Angels in Heaven did sing.

How humble the swaddling cloth must have felt

How lowly the manger there as they knelt

What wondrous love as Mary held Him nigh

Surely tears of joy flowed from her eyes

To hold the Savior perfect and full of grace

To look upon His glorious peaceful face

Surely shouts of praise went up to God

As she held the Christ child in her arms.

Only a stable at the Inn that day

Where the precious child lay

Royalty, royalty on a bed of hay

Love and rejoicing as never before

That day when Jesus was born.

King, King of the universe

Born on Christmas Day

What a Grand Day!!!

Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved


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