Just a withered old barn

A useless old building, some may say

Not knowing the love it once held

As Pa would visit at the break of day.


Doing his chores of feeding

Many prayers there, I feel he did pray

While his children were all home

And after they had gone away.


Oh, the footprints he left

How they have had a bearing on my life

A precious Saint of God

Putting away envy and strife.


Many a footprint made to that old barn

From that dear old Grandpa of mine

Has left heartprints upon my soul

That linger in my memory of one so kind.

Always a joy to tag along

To be near him as he shelled the corn

As he taught me to do the same

Bless those hands that were cracked and worn.


Precious childhood memories of that old barn

A corn shed when it became empty turned into

A playhouse of little dolls and tea set

Until the next season of corn filled it anew.


Oh, the love he had for the barnyard animals

Making sure the pigs were all well fed

Calling to the chickens, cows and horses

How his blanket of care was always spread.


One that I loved so dear

Became frail and could no longer stay

Precious footprints no more to be

Since the angels came and carried him away.


The barnyard once filled with cheerful sound

Became empty with the gate standing ajar

What seems too soon, Pa has taken

His flight to that heavenly land afar.


Time had taken its toll on that old barn

As it became tattered, run down and worn

Now stands there no more

Only memories of land left forlorn.


In peace, sleep on Grandpa

Rest from all your laboring years

I feel we'll meet again

In a land of joy without tears.


Our footprints will be with Jesus

As we walk upon the street of pure gold

Our home will be a mansion

No longer will we miss the precious days of old.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved


In loving memory of my Grandfather

Hatler Addington ~ 93 years









Midi: Softly

 By: Laura's Midi Heaven



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