Rejoice in this day

The day the Lord hath made

Caress fervor as the new day dawns

And trust in all that the Lord has bade.

Though the outward man perishes

The inner one is renewed day by day

Rejoice in the little things

And embrace faith as we travel along our way.

Rejoice in the beautiful flowers

A spring and summer filled with lovely trees

The shining of the sun, moon and stars

All so precious in His site are these.

Bask the calmness of the flowing brook

The singing of the sparrow birds

The freedom flight of the butterfly

The uplifting of God's holy words.

Savor the freshness of the still air

After the rain has ceased to be

For beautiful is the rainbow after the storm

Rejoice for the covenant God has made to thee.

Dwell not on sorrow to be repented of

Look up and see what God has in view

Lay our cares into His hands

For His love will make all things new.

The loving smiles of our family

The kind words of friends

These are the things to cherish

That makes our life happily wend.

Let good overpower the doleful

Ponder on our blessings of the day

Uncountable although are they

Let God's SON drive the clouds away.



Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved




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