Lord, guide us all through this new year

Be by our side night and day

When turmoil roams the mountain's grid

Let us not forget to pray.

Broken hearts and disappointments

For many, the old year has taken its toll

Yet we stand bold with courage

Feeling Jesus is within our soul.

Giving strength for a new year

As we press onward toward Canaan's land

Awaiting a new day's dawning

That we may rejoice with the angel band.


Opening our vision of unseen blessings

Far exceeding any gloom of thought

For our precious Savior is ever with us

More precious than anything sought.


May the new year be a year of joy

One to hold monumental at heart

Seeking to please our Savior

And His ways to utterly impart.


May our new year be filled with love

God's love that covers a multitude of fault

That we may feel His peace within

And our Savior graciously exalt.


May we gently hold the gift of life

The greatest treasure given by our Lord

Letting Satan's dismay pass us by

As we ponder on Heaven's reward.


For I perceive the world will be more wicked

With each year to come and go

May we hold to God's golden thread

The unbreakable thread that's sure to sew.


Tho' encumbered may we rise

Above snares of worldly wind

Leaning on the arm of grace

In the year of "Two Thousand ~ Ten."


May God Bestow His Blessings Abundantly

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved


Song ~ Sometimes I Sing

Sung by ~ Bro. Franklin Justice

Image used with permission from Greg Olsen Art Publishing, Inc

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