Oh, when shall I see Jesus

And reign with him above

And from the flowing fountain

Drink everlasting love.

When shall I be delivered

From this vain world of sin

And with my blessed Jesus

Drink endless pleasures in.


But now I am a soldier

My captain's gone before

He's given me my orders

And bid me not give o'er.

His promises are faithful

A righteous crown he'll give

And all his valiant soldiers

Eternally shall live.

Through grace I am determined

To conquer though I die

And then away to Jesus

On wings of love I'll fly.

Farewell to sin and sorrow

I bid you both adieu

And all my friends prove faithful

And on your way pursue.


When'er you meet with troubles

And trails on your way

Then cast your cares on Jesus

And don't forget to pray.

Gird on your heavenly armor

Of faith and hope and love

And when the combat's ended

He'll carry you above.


O ' do not be discouraged

For Jesus is your friend

And if you want more knowledge

He'll not refuse to lend.

Neither will he upbraid you

Though often you request

And give you grace to conquer

And take you home to rest.


Sung And Lined By:

Elder Paul Matthew

All Rights Reserved



In times of old, some Christian leaders would line songs in church due to lack of many song books.  This way, a line of the song would be given out and the others in the congregation would know the words to sing along.  It is still practiced in some churches today, mainly "The Old Regular Baptist" denomination, also with no music.  This is an example of that type of  beautiful singing.   

               ~ May God Bless, Danna                 







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