One night in a dream, I stood with Jesus,

Under the shelter from the storm.

I was weary that some wouldn't make it

To be with Jesus & me, free from harm.

Jesus' face was stern as I stood there beside Him,

For He knew He had given them time.

Will they make it to the shelter before the storm,

Was my deep concern for many of the family of mine.

Jesus tells us a storm is coming,

None like any other.

It will rain fire and brimstone,

A fire naught to be quenched or to smother.

Can you imagine the whole world on fire,

A lake of fire so deep and vast.

Can you imagine the cries from the ones

Whose home will be the lake, that will eternally last.

How high will these flames be

To engulf the sins of one's past?

Whose shelter failed to be in Jesus,

Whose peace in Him will be surpassed?

A Christian's eyes will never see

The lake of fire in all its torment,

Or feel the pain of a body burning forever

For those that fail to repent.

Heaven can be our way

For the Father has given His consent.

His words are everlasting and true,

For this cause our loving Savior was sent.

Do you feel His love and peace

Deep within your soul?

How sweet the deliverance,

When we can feel we've been made whole.

No flames, no flames, no lake of fire;

Only a street of pure gold,

A home in heaven,

And our loving Savior forever to behold.

Oh, to sing with thousands of angels,

Praises and more praises to our King.

Which would be better to choose,

A lake of fire or with Jesus forever to reign?

To splash in Heaven's clear crystal living water

With Jesus and joy, joy forever,

Rather than to be in the lake of fire

Where the worm dieth not, their cries to be heard never.

He's coming back on the cloud of glory

To take His redeemed home,

Those that have bore His image

And in Him their light has shown.

Victory, victory in Him~

Victory over the lake of fire,

To live with the Prince of Peace,

On wings of His love to soar higher & higher...

Blessings, Danna


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Midi: Blessed Assurance

Bob Barnes Christian Midis


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