Though our troubles be as boulders
                                 In peace we can rest among
                                With Jesus as our strength
                                And gentleness, our victory is won.
                     May we cry unto the mountains

                             As a lion bellows among the rocks of the canyon, bold

                                May we humble ourselves as the lamb

                               Who bleats for the return to the Shepherd's fold.


                   May we find honey in the carcass

                           As we rest among the boulders of the lion's den

                               With God's guiding light on the ledges

                                Our steps are secure as angels descend.


                   May we rest on the soundness of the rock

                             And lay our head as Jacob did

                             For God surely answers prayers

                            If we trust and stand on what Jesus gives


                  May we find the deliverance as of Daniel

                               As God found innocence within

                               And angels sealed away the harm

                                There in the lion's den. 


                    Though the canyons be deep

                               And the mountain boulders be high

                                Love abounds when Jesus is nigh

                                 There honey in the rock does lie.


                    The strength of the lion begins to intercede

                                 The humbleness of the lamb yields release

                               Then forgiveness to others is in the air

                                 There the spirit of the Lord gives peace.


                     May we never use the freedom of God

                                The gifts He bestows within

                                To press another unto bondage

                               Where praises to God cease to win

                               Exaltation comes before a fall

                                As Saul came before Paul.


                   Through another's weakness

                             May we become strong as we kneel

                             As we are healed by Christ's stripes

                              May by our stripes another be healed.


                    Oh ye that wail and weep

                             That ye may enter into peaceful Zion

                             And find rest among the boulders

                           Pillowing your head on courage as of the lion

                              And the gentleness of the Lamb

                               Pillow your head on Jesus divine.



                                 Danna Robinette


                               All Rights Reserved


















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