Oh Spring, break forth

The cascading rays of sunshine,

Draw to a close winter's curtains

That bitter winds of snow may resign.


Embrace the budding of delicate life

Let Winter's barren earth spring anew,

Again the beautiful array of wild flowers

Drape the rolling hills of morning view.


Once again, may the choir of robins

Fly south for their cheerful song,

The peaceful flutter of butterflies

Light softly upon Spring's dawn.


Oh Winter, flee for a while

That meadows may be greener still,

The fragrant honeysuckle again entwine

As a flowing brook of the Father's will.


Winter's chilly veil soon be lifted

Soft gentle rain drops do bring,

Heavy clouds be lightened

That we may taste the joys of Spring.


Oh Spring, open your windows of beauty

As red buds sprinkle the mount's scene,

And may the willow's weep in wonder

As we breathe the breath of sweet Spring.


May we again gaze upon a field of white

And feel freedom's Son-kissed dew,

As the warmth of Spring takes flight

And bid Winter's winds adieu.


Oh Spring, declare gracious victory

Over Winter's hideous call,

Salute your days of waiting

To Spring...most beautiful of all.


Oh Spring, I love you.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved

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