Awaiting His Heavenly Flight

Awaiting His Heavenly Flight
Our hearts are so saddened tonight,
As a precious Brother awaits his flight.
Silently our dear Brother does lay,
While loved ones gather around his bed to pray.

If he could speak and say his final good bye,
He would embrace and plead us not to cry.
He would say, trust in Jesus and be strong
For I've waited to be with my Savior for so long.

An humbled man that loved the Lord,
God's chosen leader now awaits his reward.
A Christian man when down on his knees,
Would beg God to bless his enemies, Please.
One that loved the church and would give his all
One that would lay down his life for his Master's call.

In endurance and love he did abide,
For he knew Jesus was always by his side.
His love for his family was also great in his site,
He lived a life that let his light shine bright.

Hearts rent in twain~
We'll miss him so much!!!
When we would greet him at church,
We will miss the love and humbleness,
The smile on his face,
One filled with God's grace when he did embrace.

His words will long be remembered
Of how he was called as a minister.
How he suffered and became willing to go,
If only to hold up his hand
And let the world know
That he loved the Lord so.

How many hearts have been touched,
By this precious brother
That loved sinners so much?
How many lives have been drawn;
How many seeds has he sown,
By the love and kindness he has shown?

A pillar, a cornerstone now awaits
To enter the pearly gates,
When the Master says come,
Enter in, "Well done."
Only for a moment then death will flee,
He'll be with his Savior, now healed and free.

What joy to be with Jesus seated on the throne,
The greatest blessing he has ever known.
One so humbled as he traveled around,
Now will wear his robe and crown.
Resting in peace in the paradise of God
Never more upon the ground of sorrow to trod.

When days get so lonely
And nights are so long,
Think of the words he sang in the beautiful song~

I am going to that city
I am going where the lights are hanging high.
I am going where no troubles cannot come
Will you meet me there my Brothers
In the city that lies foursquare
And we’ll all live together over there.

Please press on, be of good courage,
See his smile and try not cry,
For in your heart Bro. Elis will be nigh.

With love & Blessings
Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved



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