In early morning with the sun lovely and bright

At my rose garden I saw a beautiful butterfly take flight

I thought of our dear Sister, how free she must be

Free from every pain or care, so peacefully asleep without plea.


Like a rose, with beautiful bloom

To us the petals faded much too soon

As the cool breeze of passing did blow

Leaving precious memories in our heart to flow.


Each day you'll think of her joy and laughter

Her days and years on earth, joys with the Son hereafter

In heaven where the roses will never fade

Where the singing of angels will serenade.


For a little while she must go away

With courage you'll continue to pray

And follow in the good old time way

Her memories to embrace while you stay.


A virtuous woman with precious fruits to bear

Strength and honor her clothing to wear

A Christian she was, her angelic path so dear

Cling to Jesus, He's sure to dry every tear.


Her daily life, her spirit did enlighten

Like sunshine her smile did brighten.

Sleep on dear Sister, I feel we'll meet again

With Jesus on the glory bound train.


"In Loving Memory of Sister Melster"

Brother Hillard, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

 Danna Robinette




Top image by granddaughter ~ Deneisha Osborne

"Moments Of The Heart Photography"



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