Laying Palm Boughs For Jesus


Lay the palm boughs, Oh so gently

Spread them softly everyday

For these are for our Savior

He's sure to pass this way.


His path is softly trodden

With humbleness to embrace

One most worthy to be praised

Full of love and saving grace.


Cling not to cares and worries

That draws us from His light

Lay the palm boughs gently

Be pleasing in His site.


As we long to be smiled upon

By our precious Savior Divine

May we seek to please Him

That thru us His light may shine.


His spirit bears the sweetest savor

A lift of joy beyond compare

With His loving arms around us

Gone is every care.


When we humbly please Him

A palm bough has been gently laid

For our Savior who's most deserving

Oh, the price for us He paid...


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved





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Bruce Deboer


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