Today, if only I could write

The words felt within my heart

The words to describe a soldier

Wherever would I start...


It's sometimes hard to comprehend

For someone so small as I

To visualize the heart of a soldier

Often bringing tears to my eyes.


A soldier's heart so unselfish

To risk their very life

For those they have never met

For many filled with strife.


That we may go free

Stroll about in our leisure time

While they lay on their precarious bed

As courageous anticipation begins to climb.


Forsaking family and friends

To keep a land that's free

Fighting in the dreadful war

Sounds like love for you and me.


And when or if they make it home

Their war of memories linger on

Remaining within their heart

Waiting for a peaceful dawn.


When we feel our day is empty

Or little things trouble our mind a bit

May we think of the soldier boy

In infantry and their tank's been hit.


May we cast our eyes toward heaven

And realize how small we are

And send up a prayer for them

Valiant soldiers filled with care.


If our minds began to ponder

Before we think we're grand

Let our minds travel

To the place of the soldier man.


In silence, his words often unspoken

His actions make it clear

As he lays his life on the line

While the bombs are striking near.


 Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved

God Bless The Soldier Men & Women

In Honor of ~ Josh Schroeder, U.S. Marine







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