I Believe

I believe in God's Holy Mountain

I believe Moses stood there

And received the ten commandments

With God's tender loving care.

I believe they are written in our heart

And stamped in our mind

I feel they echo in our soul

When Satan tries to bind.

I believe Moses went to God's Mountain

And beheld the burning bush on fire

I believe we can possess its never consuming

If Jesus is our wholesome heart's desire.

I believe Moses was there

And held God's rod in his hand

As he parted the Red Sea

And God delivered His people on dry land.

I believe we can stand by faith

And see the tenderness of His plan

When we can see the sea of turmoil roll back

Leaning on the staff of God and His mighty hand.

I believe Moses, when he was there

Turned the water into blood

For I've seen God's miracles

Where peace fled and weariness began to flood.

I believe we've seen the kind of Pharaoh

Desiring dominion over man

Filled with disbelief

Until power came by God's great hand.

Then came the time Pharaoh had to avow

When his son lay on his bed of death

"Your God is God"...

Sorrowfully sighing beneath his own breath.

I believe Moses was there

Took off his shoes and stood on Holy Ground

In likeness when we can feel God's spirit

And hear the Christian's praising sound.

I believe Moses was there

When sinners began to worship the image of gold

I believe we can see the likeness today

As in the days of old...

Then was sent to earth God's only begotten Son

As the Saviour of the world to all mankind

Still by faith we shall walk and stand

As grace and God's plan of salvation entwine.

By a new birth in Jesus Christ

We can be free

I Believe, I Believe...

Blessings, Danna Robinette


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The  main image is a courtesy of Christian Unite.

Midi: While Heaven Waits

Bruce Deboer

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