My Son Has Returned


Go kill the fatted calf, make merry this day

My son that was lost has now found his way

No more a lost sheep away from the fold

Heís with the ninety and nine and now he is whole.


With Mother, we walked slowly down the hill

Where the river was so beautiful, calm and still

With singing and shouting on the ground

Oh sweet Mother, can you hear the angelsí sound?


 How happy my soul doeth rejoice today

Since Jesus came and took my sins away

So thankful and blessed to be baptized this day

And to be an heir of Heaven with you Mother, someday.


Dear Dad, gone on to heavens bright land

Can you see the rejoicing angel band

Through heaven's windows, can you see me today

Your son has returned ~ Jesus saved my soul that day.


Now I can meet you Dad in Heaven someday

Thank you for the bottled prayers before you went away

And the Christian life you lived everyday

All the blessings you received, how precious were they.


Oh Brothers and Sisters, if only you could feel

The love my heart holds, Jesusí spirit is real

Come and go with me to that eternal shore

 We can walk with Dad and Jesus, parting will be no more.


With Jesusí sweet arms around us, how happy we will be

Oh Brothers and Sisters please come and go with me

Dearest Mother is a Christian, you can be too

Then we can all go to heaven when this life is through.


How beautiful the robe Jesus has clothed me with

How precious this love, His eternal gift

New shoes that will never wear out

How Grand, How Grand... my soul does shout.


"Written to my cousin, a Brother in the Lord"

One of a family of twelve children on his baptism day


Blessings, Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved

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