Today I received a Valentine of a special kind

It wasn't sealed in an envelope or signed

Or wrapped in shiny paper divine

Only a blessing sent to this heart of mine.


 It was filled with a lovely ray

That brightened and lightened my way

It was like a Valentine love letter with beauty to say

Sent from Jesus today.


He said He would always be there

And  for me to cast on Him every care

That if I would cling to His precious hand so fair

One day a crown of glory I will wear.


Everyday in Him is like Valentine's Day

He sends His love carried by the Angel's way

He lifts and carries our worries away

 Jesus our dearest friend will forever stay.


He is the sparkle in our children's eye

The smiles and tears of joy that we cry

He's everything we will ever need to live by

If we trust in His word and never question why.


He lets us feel young when we are old

He lets our life be complete and whole

He's the healer of our soul

That one day we can live in a mansion of gold.


Jesus' s Angel isn't cupid as one may seem to know

He doesn't draw back a bow or let an arrow flow

But with His loving spirit sent aglow

He sure can pierce a heart and soul.

 Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved






Midi: Gift Of Love

Bob Sorem's Midi Hymns


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