If I could paint a picture

Of a place serene and still

It would be of "Carty's Peaceful Hill"

Upon a little knoll

A place of reviving of our soul.

Cool and brisk was the early morning air

Filled with precious greetings

Of Brothers & Sisters there.

Soon the singing and praises began

On Carty's Peaceful hill

Through the air it gloriously rang.

Prayerful tears, joyful tears fell

To the King most high

Please bless the sick and all that was nigh.

The heavenly Son soon shined bright

On "Carty's Peaceful Hill"

Spiritual water sent by our Father's will.

Fellowship of joy and love

Found on Carty's Peaceful Hill

An old home place of long ago

Once again became real.

Meeting new friends

To add to our bouquet

God surely smiled on our day.

Young ones that had gathered there

Amazed at the scene of the old time way

Thought the place had been adorned

For an old fashion fun day.

Thought, surely how many

Had decorated with care

Saying, "Mom they've even

Installed cricket sounds there."

May God Bless, Carty's Peaceful Hill

Keep it safe and in His loving care

Until once again

Their loved ones meet there.

Dedicated with love to ~

Sister Carlene Carty

Blessings ~ Danna Robinette


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Precious Memories

Sung By: Elder Buddy Carty


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