College Studentís Lighthouse


The young lad in college, his life in its prime

His heart set for a goal

Storms begin to arise

Waves begin to roll.


Many tempest come face to face

Confusion of which is the best way

Nights turmoil linger out at sea

Before the grand Graduation Day.


Out at sea, there remains a lighthouse

Its warning is for all students to see

Although danger may be in the midst

God can calm the raging sea.


The dove too fails to give the cooing sound

For its instinct detects the alarm

Cast your eyes toward the lighthouse

And the storm can do no harm.

Its as though the mind

Is filled to the brim

Agitation all around, no peace found

Needing direction within the Saviour's helm.


Lessons and knowledge to be learned

More important, is wisdom to be sought

Seek patience to endure

For eternal things can't be bought.


Fear not the bear in the mount, near the sea

That slips to seek its prey

Keep your eyes steadfast on the light house

And God will light the way.


The fog will soon begin to lift

The sun will come shining through

The heart will feel content

For your college days are over

And your occupational dream has come true.


Blessings, Danna Robinette


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