The walk was long and lonely

Though His footprints, thus remain

In the hearts of His children

Those that love and praise His name.

Never before a man like this

To hold His Father's banner so high

Came willing the bear the cross

Willing to hang there and die.

Yea, willing for the crown of thorns

The spikes to be driven in His hands and feet

The thrusting of the spear in His side

To make His Father's plan complete.

The lengthening shadow now has passed

No more to walk Golgotha's lonely hill

The unmerited gift He has freely given

For the love of His Father's will.

His light now ever cascading

From the precious throne of God

His everlasting love o'er flowing

No more the low ground of sorrow to trod.

Gave His life a ransom for mankind

Now walks on heaven's street of gold

Gone to prepare for us a mansion

What a precious Savior we will behold.

Soon He'll be coming back

His triumph walk on clouds of glory so fair

His footsteps never again on earth

We'll meet our precious Savior in the air.

Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved





Midi: Converging Shadows


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