Essence of gold is not in earthly things we have and hold,

Nor in the circumference of leisure riches bought or sold.

It's not in the significance of fashion we entwine,

It's in the power that turned the water to wine.

 Itís not in fame that will fade and be remembered no more,

That leaves depression for one to implore.

It's not in our self rightness that we often adore

That will soon turn to emptiness and bore,

But it's in God's spirit that lifts and enlightens

Bringing lasting peace in hearts that forever brightens.


It's in Godliness with contentment which is great gain.

It's in being joyful in the Lord, works not in vain.

Essence of gold is found only in our Lord,

Treasures only obtained by His sword,

A pierced heart filled with His love,

And His grace given freely by His blood.


This essence of gold is LIFE essential to everyone,

In the fellowship and love for man-kind.

It's in prayer for sinners to be awakened in heart and mind.

Essence of gold is fervent hearts trusting in the Lord,

Abiding in forgiveness and willing to suffer for His cause.

Written in their hearts, placed in their minds are His laws.

It's in hearts devoted by salvation and love.

It's waking in His likeness, when we enter Heaven above.

Danna Robinette


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Midi: Psalms 23

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