Hold to my hand and guide me

This beautiful and blessed Autumn day

Hold to my hand as I climb the mountain

You have promised to show me the way.


The fallen leaves are wet and slippery

So is the hill with earth's fallen dew

But there's nothing to fear with my hand in Yours

For I know my strength in You shall renew.

Hold to my hand as I climb the mountains

I wish not to try and climb them without You

Though the rocks be secure, abrasion may gather

Secure my footsteps till I reach yonder's view.


Tho' in Autumn we still keep climbing

Our hair turning grey and our steps growing slow

Each step can be a delight in Jesus

And bring joy and smiles as we go.


Tho' the outward one daily perishes

In Jesus, our spirit never grows old

Old Saints ever shout and give praises

For the hill climb reaches a street of pure gold.


I see the Son-shining at the top of the mountain

The skies are ever so blue

The clouds are all driven away

For I believe my hand is in a Savior's so true.


By His precious faith we do travel

Not by knowledge that we can see

But to believe our hand is in the Master's

We'll one day dwell in a land... happy and free.


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved

 For a friend, facing a challenging milestone.



Midi: We've Only Just Begun

Bruce Deboer

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