It's a new day and the sun is shining through

As I sit and ponder, Lord how can I sew for you

Which square of the quilt do I need to sew today

Guide my heart and lead the way

What color of thread would please you most today

Could it be that I need to think of others

And send compassion their way?

Or would you like for me to use the color of blue

And tell them of a way that is tried and true

Of a Savior that does His work with a beautiful hue

That will fill us with grace, that will carry us through

And bestows joy and love in things that we do.

Lord, would You like me to sew the color of pink

And on each design, You be the perfect link?

May I sew words of kindness

That may brighten someone's day

And tell them that God can lift, if only they pray.

Jesus, would you like for me to sew with silver hues

And leave lingering impressions, only those of You

Telling them of Your love and all that You can do

Help me to include the spools most precious to You

And let them unwind to rainbow hues

That my cover may be pleasing to You.

May I finish my quilt with colors of gold

May I handle with care as I grow old

As the squares may lose brilliance and begin to fray

So delicately they need to be placed the right way

May each stitch be firmly bound by angels above

May each imperfection be touched by Jesus' love.

Lord, with each square

Somewhere within, let there be the color of red

That they may know how You died and bled,

For the world of mankind and not for only a few,

In the garden of Gethsemane, Your tears fell

Not for You but Your creation in view.

Let everyday be sewn with the color of white

The foundation bestowed that sheds precious light

May I always make everyone fill included

And let them fill important and never secluded

For God loves the heart of the low esteemed

In humbleness and kindness were we redeemed.

Lord, when my quilt is all done

And the threads of life have come to an end

May I view the purple lining as my soul ascends

Higher and higher in Your arms I will soar

Then with the angels we will meet on heavens shore

All four corners will be drawn within the veil

My cover will be perfect as it enfolds the blissful gale.

If Jesus Makes The Quilt

The Cover Will Not Be In Vain

"Written as a parable"


Danna Robinette


All Rights Reserved



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