Grandpa was a farmer

And a good one at that

I can see him now

Wearing that old wide brim hat.

Precious are the memories

Of the olden days I recall

So many ways I learned & cherish

From that dear old Grandpa.

My husband & I were wed

In the autumn of nineteen, sixty seven

Times were hard, money slim

But I was happy as next to heaven.

Never the less, Grandpa chipped in

And helped me with food as a good friend

He sold me a dozen eggs for fifty cents

On credit there he did lend.

A little time passed

Failing to pay, I let the deal ride

For that dozen of eggs

That Grandpa sold with pride.

I thought, well he is my Grandpa

And this is a small amount

I'll not worry about it

Too small to count.

I guess I was wrong

For Grandpa reminded me one day

In a kind earnest way

For the eggs I still had to pay.

As I was gently reminded

His words kind of stung

But I knew they came from

A truthful, honest tongue.

Grandpa being a just man

Greed of money wasn't his plan

He was just trying to teach God's way

When God said to owe no man.

Well, I paid him for the eggs

And as long as I live

I'll probably never forget

The loving advice he did give.

If the bible says it

Then it is true

Good to remember

In all that we do.

I love you Grandpa

And hope to meet you again

When this life is over

In heaven I believe we'll reign.

Blessings, Danna Robinette

7~24 ~ 08

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

~ Danna

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