When I was young and around the age of ten
I learned a lesson of fitting in
As I was spending time with my friend
My heart was saddened at day's end.
My friend's Dad and a Minister sat on the porch swing
As my friend and I stepped upon the porch
The lesson begin
My friend's Dad being a deacon, was quite well known
Then the minister chose to cheerfully greet
And to the deacon's child his love was shown
I was hardly noticed although standing with my friend
I didn't understand these two Christian men.
I being an orphan and very low in esteem
My clothes weren't fancy but they were clean
I stood there and wondered why is she better than I
Although I loved my friend, I cried inside
A greeting is wonderful and should be from the heart
But to show partiality is not God's part
Why lift the spirit of one and lower the other
Is this God's way, or was there an err in our Brother.
Never let prestige bring a heart low
Whether it be a stranger or someone you know
For memories will linger
Whether cheerful or sad
It may make someone good, feel bad
Rejection to a child or loved one is hard to bear
They need to know they are loved and someone does care.
As I look back on yonder scene of years ago
I realize it wasn't God's will that I was hurt so
Nothing I had done deserved the low greeting
Nor my friend the high meeting
Be kind to strangers, the bible tells us there 
You may be entertaining angels unaware.
A true gift is desiring to spend time with the low in heart
As well as the high
And not show partiality as the day goes by
For the high in status 
May in character become weak
And in love and sweetness they forget to seek
We may often find in the low and meek
The presence of God's spirit that's joyful to entreat. 

So if you ever feel that you don't fit in
It's not God's will my friend.
Whether it be in school, church or at home
Jesus loves you, and that you can rely on
Once Jesus was rejected to become succor for all
He knows how you feel, to Him just call
In Him there is no partiality
He is a friend not for one, but for all.
Blessings, Danna Robinette
  3 ~ 2005
All Rights Reserved

Matthew 5:47

And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others?  do not even the publicans so?  



Artwork: Childhood Idyll, -1900
by Wm.-Adolphe Bouguereau

Music: English Country Garden,
English  Folksong
sequenced by Barry Taylor



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