Take up thy bed and walk
Oh, What miracles Jesus does perform
If we but trust in Him
He shelters from the storm.
He tells us all things are possible
To those that believe
With His precious ointment
All our wounds He will relieve.
God allowed Satan to afflict Job
Took everything but his life
Curse God and die
Were the words spoken by Job's wife.
But Job trusted in God
His love for God was great
Job believed God would reward
And didn't listen to his mate.
Manifold blessings returned to Job
For us God will do the same
If we will take up our bed and walk
And call upon Jesus' name.
For He has no respect of person
And will strengthen those that wait
He will never break a promise
For His love is forever great.
When friends or loved ones forsake thee
And brings your spirit down
Just take up your bed and walk
With Jesus we'll walk on higher ground.
Blessings, Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved



Midi:: Psalms 23

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