Are angels there when the songbird flies
When they sail so peaceful and free
One of the wild that felt so secure
That it sweetly flew to me?
It gently perched itself very close by
Sat so still and looked my way
Was this an angel's gift sent to me
Wishing me a "Happy Birthday?"
Never before had I seen this awesome site
As the little bird sat so cheerful and free
No fear, No fear did it show
As it sat so close and cast its sight on me.
I thought the little bird will surely fly
If I offer it food of this land
But to my surprise it reached out its beak
And accepted the food, fed from my hand.
Then it took its quick flight
And disappeared from sight
But left a joyful memory to stay
For the wild to feed from my hand
As it journeys along its way.
A little token of Jesus' love from heaven
He knew it was a special day for me
He knows how to give memorable gifts
And how to make our hearts light and free.
Yes, I believe angels are there when songbirds fly
I believe one was there when the songbird sit near by
I believe angels are there when they chirrup and sing
How precious was the cheerful gift it did bring
Not a birthday present that could be bought with a price
Oh, but a present given from an angel of Christ.
A unique true story that happened on my birthday
 Witnessed by my lovely daughter
Blessings, Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved


Midi ~ Gift Of Love

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