True Friends are seldom

But we do have a few

They will always be there

To cheer and lead us through

To show that they care

By all the things they do.


A real friend is someone

You can count on

They will help you

When they can

When our hearts are heavy

They will help us understand.


A true friend has interest

And will listen to what we say

Always there to encourage

When life has brought a weary day

Sending blessings our way.


A real friend will be forever

In good times and bad

They will offer angel wings

To strengthen and make glad

When things have gone wrong

They will help us sing a happy song.


A true friend is noble

One you can trust out of site

Their prayers will be with us

And always shield us right

To always try to comfort

And help make our burdens light.


In a true friend's heart

We will always dwell

They will think of us often

Always wishing us well

As on a sunny peaceful day

To help our boat set sail.


There is a true friend in Jesus

That loves the souls of everyone

So if you think you have no friends

I would like to assure you of ~ ONE

That will always be there ~ JESUS.

On wings of prayer that will bless us

He is that one special friend

That laid His life down for you

That will be there till the end.

"Our Dearest Friend ~ SO TRIED & TRUE"

To All My Friends

Blessings, Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved




Midi: Good Friends

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"

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The art piece is by Emile Vernon entitled:
"Ready For The Carnival" .