Mother, thou art fair and lovely

Your ways of virtue soothe my soul

It seems that heaven encompasses

When you take my weary hand to hold.

In my weakness, a joy from you dawns

Pearls drawn from wisdom's gale

As cool crystal waters flowing

Instills comfort beyond the veil.

Honor unfolds from your kindness

Strength surpasses when we fail

Oh how worthy is your clothing

In our presence where you dwell.

Precious Mother to me hearken

One as a fragrant gentle breeze

Beauty as a rose are thy fashions

Oh that I may follow after thee.

As a merchant ship, her goods from afar

Your loving words echo in my heart

Lingering, lifting and shining

When our united path does part.

Oh dear Mother how I love you

How I thank you for your days of toil

Never a comforting touch as Mother's

Blessed with a crown so royal.

As bread cast upon the water

Your bottled prayers of grace

Gently leads and guides

Oh the peace for me they embrace.

What a solace you condole

When the whirling winds do blow

Words of triumph they shall conquer

Endued zeal from Mother to my soul.

May God Bless you Mother 

A beautiful lamp unto my feet

And a light unto my path

A dear Mother's love so sweet.

Blessings, Danna Robinette


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Music: "Gift Of Love
Bob Sorem's Midis
Courtesy Of Bob Sorem
Thanks for use of Midi

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